Hi, I’m Adrien Ecoffet. I am a research scientist at OpenAI.

My research interests are reinforcement learning (particularly exploration and quality-diversity inspired approaches) and AI safety (particularly moral alignment). More recently I have been researching emergent complexity in multi-agent environments.

Prior to OpenAI, I was an AI resident and then a research scientist at Uber AI Labs. Before transitioning to a research career, I was a software engineer at Quora.

If you are a member of the Ecoffet family, I would be happy to provide you with a <you>​.ecoffet.com subdomain and/or a <you>​@ecoffet.com email address.
Si vous faites partie de la famille Ecoffet, je serais heureux de vous donner un sous-domaine <vous>​.ecoffet.com et/ou une adresse e-mail <vous>​@ecoffet.com.